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Unique Logistics, LLC


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email: info@uniquelogisticsfl.com

Temperature Controlled

  • High Cube 53 ft Air Ride Trailers
  • Temperature controlled trucks for produce, floral and frozen foods
  • LTL and truck load freight
  • State of the art fleet includes semi trucks and box tucks

Our services

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Port services

  • Certified carriers: Port Everglades and Port of Miami
  • Fumigation Services

Value added services

  • Same Day/Next day delivery
  • Pickup available from packing facilities, farms and remote locations
  • Ideal for Predictable, JIT/Time Sensitive Supply Chains
  • Broker Trucks throughout the U.S.
  • Routing
We are committed to providing customers with solutions to their transportation needs. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks distributes product throughout Florida and much of the United States.

Our knowledgeable logistics specialists, and experienced drivers, ensure your products are delivered on time, and with the care you would expect from the leading logistics provider.

We pride ourselves on integrity and prompt, dependable, service. Our fleet of modern well maintained trucks provides reliable service and a safe environment for our employees and the community.